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Class 2AS





We hope you enjoy looking at all the things we get up to this year, learning to be the best we can

be.  We will be working hard but having lots of fun as well! Mrs Salazar is our class teacher and Mrs Glackin is our Teaching Assistant.  Mrs Mason teaches us on a Tuesday morning and Mrs Kidd comes in on a Wednesday morning. 




READING BOOKS : Reading books are sent out on Tuesdays and Fridays, alternating between a reading scheme book that your child should read to you, and a book from the KS1 library that your child will choose - this is for you to enjoy together.  Please ensure that you make a comment in your child's Home Reading Diary every time they read to you - we find this really useful. Thank you.


PE :  We do indoor PE on a Wednesday and outdoor PE on a Thursday.  Please ensure that your child's PE kit is fully labled and kept in school.  We will send it home each holiday for a wash.


HOME LEARNING: Home learning will be sent out on a Friday, to be returned by the following Wednesday please.  Home learning will usually be based on either Literacy or Maths to reinforce what we are doing in class, but could also include RE, science or a topic-based subject.  Please encourage your child to do their best work in their Home Learning book, preferably using a pencil - house points are awarded for a super effort! Thank you.  


SPELLINGS:  These will be sent home in your child's home learning book - it is really important that they learn these, especially high frequency words.  Copying them out may not be enough for your child to learn them so you may find you need to practise them in different ways.

We have our spelling test on a Wednesday - Marvelous Me badges are sent out for full marks!





Mufti               :   Tuesday 12th March and Friday 15th March - Children can come to school in their

                             own clothes. We are fundraising for a Friendship bench for the playground and                                  Friday is Comic Relief.






We celebrated World Book Day on Friday 8th March and we also opened our new Reading Den.  We had a lovely time with our friends fro 2SM enjoying different books together.  


15th January

Today we have carried out quite a few experiments.  We have experimented with torches and coloured cellophane and found out that red and green light mix to make yellow light.  We also made some frozen hands using food colouring - we wanted to know if the colour would affect the rate at which the hands melted.  By the end of the afternoon the green hand appeared to have melted faster than the other colours, and the yellow hand had turned into a much deeper colour, almost orange.


14th January 2019

We made a colourful start to our science week. We are carrying out a walking Rainbow experiment.  We are waiting to see what will happen to the kitchen roll after two or three days.

Bob's back!

3rd December 2018

When we came into school this morning we found a note from Bob - he's back!  Unfortunately, he still can't write very well, so we're going to teach him how to do his letters nicely.   He's been up to his usual mischief, and we think he's trying to get Rodney to join in...!


Yesterday we found a mysterious box in our classroom. After a lot of guess-work, we discovered a little reindeer inside!  And today we found a letter from Father Christmas asking us to look after a little reindeer that he lost on Saturday when he visited us at our Christmas Fair (his name is Rodney and apparently he had smelled the turkey rolls and wandered off!).  Father Christmas has given us the very important job of looking after Rodney until 24th December as he hasn't got time to come and get him.  He likes carrots and apples, which is lucky as we have plenty here!

Around the World in 8 weeks!

We are really enjoying learning about different countries in our 'Around the world' topic.  Mrs Salazar started us off by telling us all about Peru, and Mrs Crispin and Mrs Gibson have told us lots of interesting things about Portugal and Scotland.  Then Mrs Antwi, Mrs Correa and Mrs Matthews have told come in to talk to us about Ghana, Colombia and Australia - a very big thank to them!  We have also learnt about the Philippines and about Sri Lanka, many thanks to Jaden's mum and Alfie's Granny.

Look who came to see us today!!

Great Fire of London Drama Day

15th October 2018

Today was our Great Fire of London drama day with Sharon and John.  They taught us how to show different expressions, and acted out a few scenes for us.  John played Samuel Pepys & Sharon was his maid, Jane.  They made us laugh a lot.  Then it was our turn and we played characters in different shops. We then escaped over the River Thames in a boat and looked on as London burnt.  Then we met King Charles who decided to blow up some of the houses to stop the fire spreading.   We had a really fantastic day.  A very big thank you to Sharon & John!  Then this afternoon we made bread, thinking about how they must have made it in 1666... kneading bread is hard work!


Road Safety

12th October 2018

After learning how to keep safe at home, we had an interesting session with Karen and Amanda from the Road Safety Team, who helped us understand how to keep safe when we are out and about, walking to and from school, especially as it gets dark earlier..... LOOK, LISTEN, THINK!  Thank you, Amanda & Karen! 



Many thanks to John from the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service, who gave up his morning to teach us about the importance of fire safety, especially in our homes.  We had great fun learning through drama, stories and exercise.  We also had a group challenge to see who could put on their firefighting kit the fastest - The Whizz Kids won at a speedy 1 minute and 5 seconds (although they need to practise a bit more to catch up with the firefighters at Redhill Fire Station who manage it in just 15 seconds (30 on a slow day!).

The Great Fire of London

September 2018

We've made a great start to our topic and have learnt why so many houses burnt down so quickly - they were made of wood and were very close to each other.  So we have redesigned London, thinking about what materials to use and how far apart the houses should be.

    1PB 2017-18


Welcome to 1PB

Welcome to 1PB's home page.  We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been learning in school.  Mrs Paine and Mrs Belsham are our class teachers, Mrs Lask is our class teaching assistant and Miss Austin also work in our class.


Some useful information:

  • Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and a Friday (alternating between a 'school reading book' and a story from the library to share). 
  • We are working hard to promote independence.  It is your child's responsibility to take their homework and reading book out of their book bag.  If it comes home again, when you have sent it to school please give them a gentle reminder.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday and is due back to school on a Wednesday.
  • We have a spelling test on Thursdays.
  • PE is on a Tuesday and Friday.


Thank you for your on going help.  If you have any questions please feel free to come and see us.

Schools out for Summer!

We have had so much fun during the last few days of school. There has been singing, dancing, playing, ice lolly eating and water fights! As much as we are sad to say 'goodbye' to such an amazing class, we know they are very ready for the challenges of Year 2.

Thank you so much for the support you have given us and your children this year, and for the kind words, cards and gifts.

Have a fantastic and restful summer.... enjoy the sunshine!


The children were greeted with a terrible mess in the classroom. They were challenged to work out what the problem was and discuss what could be done about it. They made some thoughtful suggestions about recycling and were very concerned about what people are doing to our oceans. 

Weymouth Sea Life Centre



We had an amazing day at the Sea Life Centre learning about a huge variety of sea creatures. The highlights were definitely touching starfish in the rockpools and seeing the sharks in the ocean tunnel! The children loved all of the experiences and it was an absolute pleasure takeing them out for the day! 


Sunny Sports Day!


What a perfect day we had for Sports Day this year! The children had a fantastic time and we were amazed at how hard they worked and how much effort they put into every activity. All children did a great job for their 'house' team and we are very proud of their sporting behaviour. What a great day! 


Creature Teachers



We had a very special visit from the Creature Teachers. The children loved seeing the (not so mini) minibeasts! We learnt so much and loved seeing the amazing creatures close up. Lots of the children also felt brave enough to hold one of the minibeasts.... the adults were very impressed! 


NASA Astronaut training day - our Lenten challenge

15th March 2018

We had a brilliant morning completing NASA Astronaut training activities for our Shine Together appeal.  We worked on our core strength, lungs and hearts, balance, agility and spatial awareness..... and we even did some jigsaw puzzles with gloves on to improve our fine motor skills!  It was exhausting,  but we thought about the 2 hours of physical training an astronaut does each day and showed great resilience! 

Thank  you so much for your generous sponsorship in aid of our school Lenten challenge, the Shine Together appeal.  Please keep the money coming in!