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Class 1JH

Welcome to 1JH's home page.  We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been learning in school.  

Mrs Jones and Mrs Hills are our class teachers and Mrs Mortimer is our class teaching assistant .


Some useful information:

  • Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and a Friday (alternating between a 'school reading book' and a story from the library to share). 
  • We are working hard to promote independence.  It is your child's responsibility to take their homework and reading book out of their book bag.  If it comes home again, when you have sent it to school please give them a gentle reminder.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday and is due back to school on a Wednesday.
  • We have our spelling test on Wednesdays.
  • PE is on a Thursday (inside) and Monday (outside).


Thank you for your on going help.  

If you have any questions please feel free to come and see us.


Fun in the Snow!


Medieval Training Day

The children came to school looking fabulously medieval! The princesses learnt how to walk, curtsey and dance. The knights learnt how to give orders, bow, control a 'horse' (using a skipping rope), throw a spear (foam javelin) and they tried using a bow and arrow, which proved very tricky! In addition, we all started to learn a medieval song. History really came alive!

Colourful Science Week


The children have had a fantastic week exploring colour through cross-curricular activities.

We have performed different experiments and learnt lots of Scientific terminology. The children really enjoyed creating their first ever Science experiment - they mixed food colouring with water and put a paper towel between the two cups to see what would happen to the colours. This was one of the first times they have predicted, observed and explained an experiment and they were very enthusiastic

Another favourite of the week was learning about camouflage and why creatures have various markings and colour. They collected data on caterpillar colours (using different coloured wool) and recorded this in a tally - they also answered questions about the data. Thinking about camouflage, the children designed and created their own buterflies - one to be camouflaged inside the classroom and one to be camouflaged outside the classroom. They understood the design criteria and thought about the colours they needed to use. On Wednesday afternoon the children met with their Prayer Buddies and thoroughly enjoyed sharing their work from Science Week. The children are Super Scientists!

The Snowman Dancing Party

The children wanted to have a ago at recreating the party scene from the classic film 'The Snowman'. In our hats and scarves the children learnt set dances. We all had a really fun afternoon with juice and biscuits. 

Christmas Party Day!


What an exciting Christmas Party Day! The children spent the first part of the morning with their Prayer Buddies and they made paper Santas together. Then it was party games and dancing with both Year 1 classes together. After a delicious Christmas dinner in the Hall, we had a very special visitor to the classroom - all the way from the North Pole!  Then the KS1 children thoroughly enjoyed watching Krazy Kev - the hilarious magician - in the Hall.


In October, Year 3 invited Year 1 to join them in the Hall , as they wanted to teach the younger children some of their Zumba routines that they had devised .1JH listened  carefully, copied the moves brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!


In October Year 1 listened so carefully to a Road Safety talk . They learned how to stay safe whilst walking or riding a scooter on the pavement.


 In October the children really enjoyed learning some traditional playground games.

Perform Drama workshop

Wednesday 19th September 2018

Today we had a lady come in to school called Rosie who did a drama workshop with us. We helped Ringleader Rosie to put a smile back on the sad clown's face. We had lots of fun using different facial expressions, different voices and lots of body movements.


Welcome to RL's class page

We have made a great start to school since joining in September. We have been very busy learning and making lots of new friends.



Useful information


Every day, we work with Mr Lawrence and Mrs Robbins. Miss Greenwood and Mrs Molyneux also come in to help us (we share them with RK).


Home learning is sent home every Friday and we would really appreciate it if you could return this by the following Wednesday; this allows us time to mark the homework and get the next set of homework stuck in.


PE is usually on a Friday. Your child's PE kit is already in school, but please make sure that your child does not wear earrings on that day.


If you ever have any questions, please come and speak to Mr Lawrence or send in a note with your child.

Our trip to Beaulieu


We have been doing a lot of learning through our topic, Terrific Transport. As a super celebration of all the work we have done, we went to visit Beaulieu Motor Museum.


In the morning, our guides took us all around the museum, showing us lots of different vehicles - even some famous ones! We also got to try on some costumes and hats.


In the afternoon, we had some time to go around the grounds. We had a fun time going on a vintage bus, riding a monorail and going for a ride in Gumdrop, a car that is 90 years old!


We had a super time but were very tired afterwards - some of us needed a little nap on the way home!


Take a look at the photos below.

World Book Day


For World Book Day, we came to school dressed as our favourite book character. A big thank you goes to our mums and dads for putting so much time, effort and creativity into our costumes! As part of our celebrations, we wrote all about who we were. We also took part in a book swap, exchanging an old book for a different one from someone else in Reception. As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, it was snowing! The children had a great time playing and exploring in the snow.

Chinese New Year


For our first topic of 2018, we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We have been very creative, making tangram patterns, rainbow fish, Chinese lanterns and Chinese dragons. We have loved playing in the Chinese restaurant role play area, taking people's orders and making lots of delicious food! We learned the Chinese Zodiac story and acted it out, pretending to be the different animals. We also used books and the internet to find out facts about China and Chinese New Year. In Maths, we used rice to explore capacity and even tried to write numbers in Mandarin.


To celebrate all of our learning, we had a Chinese New Year party day, where we played traditional Chinese games and ate lots of yummy food! In the afternoon, we invited parents and other family members to come and see all of the brilliant things we had made.





We were very busy in the run up to Christmas! As well as doing lots of learning through our Santa's Little Helpers topic, we also put in lots of hard work to get ready for our Christmas nativity play, It's A Baby. We had to learn lots of songs, dances and words, but we did an amazing job and made all of our grown ups very proud!