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We have been really busy over the last few weeks.

These pictures show some of the activities that we have been participating in including:

A visit from Tobias Elwood

An exploration of the air around our area


Shape in maths

Tie dye in art

Tag Rugby

Year 1 Outdoor Leaning Taster Session

Year 1 had great fun exploring the outdoor forest school area. They made mud with differing consistencies, made dens with branches and dug holes in the mud using different tools.

Year 1 Outdoor Learning Taster Session

Year 1 - Happily Ever After day

To celebrate our History topic on 'Castles' we dressed up as Princes, Princesses, Knights, Dragons and fairy tale characters, baked Medieval Fine Cakes, learned a Medieval dance, made some ‘Happily Ever After’ arts ‘n’ crafts and made our own junk model castle for the flag we had made as part of our DT topic. 

Year 1 - Happily Ever After day

Year 2 - Great Fire of London Day

We had a brilliant day learning about the Great Fire of London. We got to dress up in 1666 clothes, made Tudor houses out of cardboard, and enjoyed a drama workshop with a local drama group where we got to act out different parts of the story.


We all had the opportunity to visit our outdoor learning area for a taster session. Below are a selection of photos of us taking part in tree identification using swatches and looking at leaves; playing in the mud zone; attempting to build some waterproof dens; and exploring the muddy digging area! 

We all had great fun being part of nature, playing with our friends and learning some key skills a long the way! 


Dinosaur week in Reception!


Reception have had a really fun week learning about dinosaurs! We started by reading the fantastic story 'The Girl and the Dinosaur' by Hollie Hughes and Sarah Massini. We did some imaginative drawing and writing about what we would like to see if we went on an adventure with a dinosaur!

We have also made our own salt dough fossilised bones, found out about Mary Anning, made a volcano, used our phonics to make dinosaur posters, practised scissor skills by cutting and arranging bones to create a dinosaur skeleton and explored the names and features of different dinosaurs.

What a roarsome week!

Year 3 Taster Session in Outside Learning Space. 


The children had a great time exploring and learning how to work collaboratively. 

Year 6 Remembrance Service

Happy and Healthy Me week - Year 1

During our Life Education session:

  • We learnt about healthy foods and what nutrients they provide for our bodies.
  • We talked about the importance of sleep and looking after our bodies.
  • We also thought about friendships and how to help one another.

During the ‘Happy and Healthy Me’ week we:

  • had relaxation sessions including ‘Mindful Colouring’ and reflective music.
  • talked about the ‘Worry Monster’ areas in the classroom where children are able to ‘check-in’ with their feelings/emotions or relax.

Stewardship - Year 1


As part of our stewardship, we decided to plant some new bulbs and bedding plants in the KS1 Playground garden boxes, so that insects can come and visit the flowers! We wanted to show our care and respect for God’s Creation! 

Borrow the Moon

Between 1969 and 1972, six manned Apollo missions landed on the Moon and the astronauts collected samples to bring back to Earth to study. Most of the samples were used for scientific research and some have been preserved for educational use by NASA. We have been so excited to have secured the Borrow the Moon resource to use in school this week. It is a scheme set up by the Science and Technology Facilities Council which contains some of these lunar samples as well as meteorites and other interesting rocks. 

Every child in school from Reception up to Year 6 had the chance to experience this amazing resource this week.  Using Meteorite Hunters' kits, the children used hand lenses and magnaprobes to decide if the samples they were looking at were Earth or Space rocks and the older children used their classification skills to name some of the meteorites. The children were so excited to pick up and  handle 

the samples. A favourite was the Campo de Cielo iron meteorite which fell to Earth 4000 years ago but which scientists believe is actually 4.5 billion years old!  

It has been a thrilling week; the staff were as excited as the children and I hope you enjoy looking through some of the photos of our experience.

Year 4 have been enjoying creating ancient Egyptian canopic jars out of clay.  First, they researched about the purpose of the jars and chose one of the gods to use as part of their design.   Then the fun of making them began!  The children learnt how to use tools and techniques to manipulate the clay.  Once the clay was dry, they added detail using paint. 

Year 5 Trip to the Mary Rose

Year 5 had a fantastic trip to the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth to enhance our learning as part of our Tudors topic. Viewing  the warship and the many artefacts that were found within it was breath-taking. Another highlight was being able to experience the raising of the Mary Rose in a special 4D cinema presentation and even seeing one of the divers who took part in the original project. Year 5 enjoyed plotting the course of the French and English fleets at The Battle of the Solent and rehearsing a cannon drill in teams. 

Celebrating St Walburga's Feast Day

2CR's Pirate Day

To finish our pirate topic we had a pirate day! We dressed up, sang sea shanties, tried some 'grog' and had a pirate adventure in the hall.

Year 1 DT Project

For our DT project in Summer 1, we had to firstly investigate and discuss where food actually comes from!  Then we decided which fruits we liked the best.  Then we designed, made and evaluated either a Fruit Salad or Fruit Kebab.  

We had a wonderful time on our school trip to the Tank Museum.  It was a great opportunity to learn all about the home front and the activities that people did to contribute towards the war effort in WW2, such as rationing, the home guards and the air raid wardens.  We also had a chance to have a look around the museum at the tanks and the interactive displays.  There was so much to see and do!  

Easter Garden Home Learning

Well done to all children for their incredible Easter gardens!
We had so many creative gardens which were made using a variety of materials, such as lego, natural resources and even cakes!

Thank you for all of your hard work!

Reception Drawing Club


Reception have started on a fantastic new adventure called 'Drawing Club.' This has been designed to open up the magic world of tales and story to children whilst at the same time enriching their language and developing their fine motor skills.

We have already seen an increase in the use of interesting vocabulary (introduced as part of Drawing Club) e.g. 'look at my colossal tower!' as well as confidence drawing and writing independently and some wonderfully imaginative ideas!

The children start each session by saying and acting out new vocabulary, we then share a story together and model a drawing and some writing based on that story. The children then come to the 'club' and share their ideas, imagination and drawings. We are loving exploring the joy of stories!



SOWING THE SEED SALE! What an incredible and successful afternoon, thank you to all who attended and to the children and adults who made it possible. Raising money for fantastic charities.

DREAM JOBS DAY 2023! What an incredible day. Firefighters, police officers and more!

Year 2 - Great Fire of London Topic

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We really enjoyed making model towns to explore what London in 1666 would have looked like. On our Great Fire of London Day, we were visited by Samuel Pepys and his maid, Jane. They put on a play for us as well as giving us the chance to join in with some drama. We loved it! We also made bread rolls in the afternoon, just like Thomas Farriner the baker would have done - although thankfully we did not cause a fire!

Spring Term in Year 1!


We have been learning about medieval life in a castle and made fabric flags for our own junk model castle in DT!  We also made pancakes to support our Literacy learning on Mr. Wolf's Pancakes. We have learnt about subtracting within 20, as well as enjoying our Cultural Day and World Book Day!  


Year 4 celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book character. It was a fun day and as part of the day, they had the opportunity to share a book with their prayer buddy.

Year 6 DT project and Electricity Unit

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Year 5 and Reception used their collaborative skills as they celebrated Chinese New Year together. Their activities included learning a Chinese dragon dance, creating mosaic lanterns, singing a Chinese New Year song, learning some simple Mandarin phrases and numbers and very importantly, tasting some delicious food! 

Year 2 Christmas Decorations

Year 2 enjoyed designing and sewing their Christmas decorations. They worked hard to sew neatly and did a brilliant job of decorating their material with different accessories. 

Year 5 Tote Bag Design Technology Project


Year 5 felt like a scene from the Great British Sewing Bee recently as we have been very busy designing and making these fabulous tote bags. We developed our skills using sewing machines and loved decorating them using our designs.