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'Healthy Me' week - 1st November 2022


This week, Reception have been thinking about how they can keep themselves healthy. They have tried a variety of fruit and thought about interesting adjectives they can use to describe them. They were very excited to have a visit from SCARF Life Education where they learnt about the different organs of the body and the important jobs they do. They also learnt about how vital it is to drink enough water, get enough sleep and do physical exercise. 

In the classroom, the children have been pretending to be doctors and dentists in the role play, completing observational drawing of fruit, listening to stories about fruit and vegetables, looking at information books and writing healthy shopping lists. 

Year 6 Learning in the Autumn Term

Year 5 Earth and Space Topic

In the Science lessons as part of our Earth and Space topic, Year 5 enjoyed creating

scale models showing how far the planets are from the sun outside on the playground. There was some tricky maths involved as each footstep taken represented 20,000 km.  They carried out shadow investigations to prove the changing position of the Earth in relation to the Sun. In Art, the children developed their shading techniques to create a 3D effect in pastel planet pictures.

Our first half term in Year 3! 3MB & 3BM have been busy - including Maths, Topic, Reading, RE, PE and Art...

Year 4 DT Making Our Roman Shields

In Design Technology, we have been researching the design elements of a Roman shield.  The children used the information to develop their own design criteria to ensure that their designs resembled a shield from The Ancient Romans.  This week, we have started making our designs focusing on measuring, cutting and painting on a Roman inspired design.  We can't wait to see the final results!  

Year 4 DT Roman Shields

Creation Home Learning 2022

This week, each class completed their Creation home learning task. Each year group was assigned a particular day of the creation story and were tasked with designing a creative piece of art to demonstrate their specific day of creation. A huge well done to all of the children for their incredible hard work, we had lots of amazing designs!

Creation Home Learning 2022

Our fantastic Feast Day celebrations

Year 5 Science Morning

Year 5  and our Science Ambassadors were excited to be invited to a Science morning at Bournemouth School last week. As you will see from the photos below, we had an amazing morning with plenty of hands on practical investigating linked to the content we cover in our Materials topic. With the help of some Year 12 students from Bournemouth School and Bournemouth School for Girls, we were set the challenge of separating a mixture of  salt crystals and sand and this involved:

  • adding water so that the salt crystals dissolved
  • filtering the salty solution so that the sand was removed
  • heating the salty water using bunsen burners so that the water evaporated leaving the salt crystals behind.

It was such a fantastic opportunity and the children were so excited to be taught how to use the bunsen burners safely, receiving certificates for their safe handling. You can hopefully see on the pictures, some of the salt crystals we managed to end up with!

Sports Days 2022

Here are a selection of photos, organised by Year Groups, from our fabulous Sports Days this year. 


Years 1 and 2

Years 3 and 4

Years 5 and 6

Year 1 Trip to Portchester Castle


We enjoyed an event-filled trip to Portchester Castle on Wednesday 28th June, which started with a very delayed coach!  Once we finally made it to Portchester, we reviewed lots of facts about our 'Happily Ever After' topic on parts of a castle and attacking and defending a castle.  We also acted out scenes as Kings, Queens, guards and servants, and explored the castle and keep.  We had a busy but fun day out and definitely want to return to explore some more!

Year 5 Mary Rose Trip

Year 5 had a wonderful trip to the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth to help our learning as part of our Tudors topic. We had a funpacked day; from plotting the course of the French and English fleets at The Battle of the Solent, to rehearsing a cannon drill in teams, handling some of the artefacts found on the Mary Rose and of course, taking in the majestic Mary Rose itself. It really is a breathtaking sight and we highly recommend you to visit if you have the opportunity. Full marks to the Mary Rose Museum from Year 5!

Our Jubilee Celebrations


Year 4's Visit to the Tank Museum

This week, Year 4 visited the Tank Museum to experience what life was like in Britain during World War 2.  We learnt about the Blitz and about the jobs that people volunteered to do such as wardens and home guards.  Some of us even got to dress up and role play these parts!  Then we visited a replica of a shop and home from that time in history.  The children were very surprised by the knitted swimsuit!  During our busy day, we had a bit of time to explore the rest of the museum looking at the history of tanks.  

Year 2 - Great Fire of London

At the end of our history topic, The Great Fire of London, we have a fun-packed day where we bring the events to life. We baked bread just like Thomas Farriner did in his bakery (where the fire reportedly began). We also have a visit from Samuel Pepys and his maid who retell the events in a way that we can be involved in the story. Take a look at some of our photos from the day! 

Year 1 - Happily Ever After Day!

We enjoyed celebrating our Spring Topic - Castles and Fairy Tales - with a Happily Ever After Day!  We dressed up as knights, princesses, dragons and fairy tales characters, made medieval fine cakes, learnt some medieval dances, made some arts and crafts and tried out jousting!  

Year 1 Happily Ever After Day

We had a mufti day to raise money for the people of Ukraine.

China and the Winter Olympics- Year 5

We began our topic with a visit from Olivia who is from the city of Chengdu in China. She spent the morning in Year 5 sharing about Chinese New Year is celebrated; the children loved hearing about the red envelopes containing money which are given to children in China. Olivia taught us how to pronounce some Chinese characters from their alphabet, we even had a go at writing them on special paper. She also shared with us about the differences between life in the city and the countryside. 


The second part of our topic was based on the Winter Olympics which were taking place in Beijing. We cheered on the Curling Teams, before having a try ourselves with our brand new curling sets. It is certainly harder than it looks!


In Art and DT, we have created salt dough dragons, terracotta warriors and designed and sewed our own bags. We hope you enjoy looking through our photos, it has been an amazing topic!

Year 6 Spring Learning

Year 1 Spring Learning

Here are a few photos showing our learning on our 'Happily Ever After' topic so far... Mondrian artwork using Dazzle computer programmeCastle artwork using Dazzle computer programme



Happily Ever After topic...Happily Ever After topic


Year 3 got to experience a day in the life of a Victorian school, today! There were lots of strict staff, cruel punishments and even a visit from Mrs Woodward who shared some of her own Victorian artefacts. We spent the afternoon learning about the games that children played in the Victorian times and made some spin tops, had a go at hoop and stick as well as marbles, diablos and lots more. Well done, Year 3!

Year 4 Samba Lessons

Year 4 are lucky enough to have a set of samba lessons from an 'outside of school, samba specialist.' 

In the lessons we looked at beat and played drums to different patterns 'coffee, tea'; 'coffee, coca cola, coffee, tea'; 'coffee, tea.'

We also played the game 'Don't play this one back'. We had to listen to the pattern that the teacher played and make sure that we didn't play back 'Don't play this one back!' 

We are learning how to play some different instruments too- the surdo, agogo bells, shakers and tamberims. 

Here are some pictures of us in our lessons. 

Reception - Wonderful Winter!


For the past couple of weeks, the children have been enjoying the topic ‘Wonderful Winter.’ We have been carrying out lots of investigations such as ‘how many times can you dunk a biscuit before it breaks’ and ‘how can you rescue an animal stuck in the ice.’ The children have been using observational skills and new vocabulary to make predictions.

We have been practising our fine motor skills by cutting, making lines, painting and scrunching tissue paper. We have been given the tricky challenge of accurately counting cold and slippery ice, and also tried to make an igloo in the classroom. 

Our Year 2 Learning

We would love to share a selection of photos with you that show some of learning in maths, art and science from the Autumn Term!

Key Stage 1 enjoying our new playground!

Year 5 Picture Frame Project


Year 5 have been hard at work designing and creating picture frames in our DT project this half term. They worked hard measuring and sawing the wood, as well as assembling and joining the parts together. They reinforced them to make sure they were rigid enough and really enjoyed adding the decorations. The final step will be to evaluate their frames against their original designs and to see if they fit the brief. We think they look fabulous and we hope you enjoy looking at them. 

Our learning in Year 6

In Year 6 this term we have learnt all about Natural Disasters. We started our topic by working in groups to create posters about different aspects of our topics, here are some pictures!


In literacy, we have applied our topic knowledge to write for a range of purposes. During our Natural Disaster topic. We wrote our own stories about the process of a volcano erupting. During our planning of this piece of writing, we focused on developing subject-specific vocabulary and powerful adjectives to heighten the effect on the reader. We also researched New Zealand and wrote balanced arguments about the pros and cons of living there. Here are some examples!


In outdoor PE, we have been playing Football. We focused on passing, dribbling and shooting and we applied these skills into game scenarios. We finished our football unit with a house tournament, where the winners were St Bernadette’s! In athletics, we developed our running, throwing and jumping skills. We finished our athletics unit by holding a 'House Olympics' where we found the top 3 athletes for each event!  


Before half term, we performed our World War 1 dances to our Reception and Year 3 prayer buddies. We focused on incorporating the dance techniques of canon and unison within our dances to suit the theme of the music. Some of our dances were very powerful and our prayer buddies were certainly entertained!


In DT we have focused on using hydraulics to make natural disasters (volcanoes and earthquakes). For both, we started by doing some research, then designing our model, followed by making the model and then evaluating it after. Here are some pictures of our Natural Disaster models, aren’t they fantastic!


In maths, we have covered a lot of content, including: place value, the four operations, BODMAS, common factors/multiples and even fractions! We have focused on using a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to embed our mathematical understanding. Our highlight was our multiplication and division Code Breaker challenge in the playground!

A few images of some of our learning in Year 1!

The children in Reception have had a fantastic first half term at school. They have quickly learnt the routines of school and have enjoyed exploring their new learning environment. We have based our learning on some super books to think about our feelings especially at times of big change like they have experienced recently. 

The first book we used was 'Our School is a Family' where we learn about our new 'school family' and found out lots about our friends. We created our own picture frames and made a portrait gallery of our new friends and explained why we were glad they are in our new family.

We then spent some time thinking about 'The Colour Monster' and learnt how to name and explain the many feelings we experience each day. The children really enjoyed lots of creative activities including printing and colour mixing and have also started using their phonics to write simple words. 

We are so proud of how settled and independent the children now are, and what a super start they have made to their school life!

We marched down to the hall and around the hall before settling down to our evening around the campfire! 

We performed our testudo in two groups and moved in unison around the hall led by our centurions Nell and Bianka. 

Ready for battle, the Romans faced the vicious Celts in a battle to end all battles. 

We had victory poses to end our session.

The children had a great time. Thank you for all your support with making the shields. 

Year 5 Earth and Space

As part of our Earth and Space topic, Year 5 have been using the playground to create scaled models of the solar system. We used toilet paper to measure how far from the sun each planet should be placed; each sheet of paper represented 20 million kilometres. The children had to collaborate in teams to work out the correct measurements, carefully place each planet and stop the paper blowing away! 


We have also been investigating the question 'Can shadows show that the Earth rotates on its axis?'. On a sunny day, the children set up stacks of cones and we tracked the length and angle of the shadows to see if we could notice any patterns and use the measurements to answer the question. The children noticed the longer shadows  in the morning and the shorter shadows at lunch time and the change in angles and were able to use this to draw conclusions to answer our question. They confidently explained that even though the sun appears to move in the sky, it is the earth's rotation that causes the shadows to change.  Great investigating Year 5's!

We have been writing to our local MP and thinking about how we can follow the Pope's letter to care for our environment.