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Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis Player Lucy Shuker reveals St.Walburga's winning house for our Sports' Day at Home!

Please see video clip below...


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Look... our baby birds now have feathers!

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Look how our baby birds have changed over the past week. How many baby birds can you see? Both Mummy and Daddy bird have been busy looking after them.

A new family at St Walburga's!

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Take a look at our videos of our new arrivals. We spotted a bird going in and out of the nesting box in the tree behind Year 6. We set up a camera there, and when we checked we spotted four new baby birds! There is still one egg waiting to hatch!

Mummy keeping her babies warm.

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Key Stage 1- Disco Friday and Chalk Fun

              3SM visit Pizza Express


5th March 2020

The children got a big surprise when they arrived in their classrooms this morning....  all the doors had changed into book covers!  We hope you enjoy looking at them.  We all had great fun dressing up, children and adults alike.  We are also using World Book Day to start off one of our Lenten almsgiving activities.  Every child has been given a sponsor card for a READATHON in support of a wonderful charity called Read for Good.  They provide brand new books for seriously ill children in every major hospital in the UK. We look forward to seeing how much we raise.

3MB's Trip to Pizza Express. We are officially Pizza-making Professionals!

All the Fun of the Fair -  Year 1

We had a really fun and busy week designing and making our horse carousels and fishing games for the Funfair. 

It was great to start off the week with creating Medieval 'coat of arms' bunting for our classrooms - there were so many great designs, our classrooms were full of colour! 

We then designed our carousels, thinking really carefully about the materials and tools we would need and how exactly we were going to make them. There were lots of discussions and lots of lovely ideas. We made 1 carousel per group, it was very fiddly! It was interesting to see everyone's evaluation on the group project and to see what everyone liked and what they would change.

We also made magnetic fishing games - these were great fun and we had lots of time to play with them!

At then end of the week we got to visit all the other classes to see what they had made.  It was lovely to see all the different types of bunting and funfair games that had been made.

All the Fun of the Fair Year 4

We had a fabulous week. We had written to McDonald's prior to the event so we all had a box to make a pneumatic toy.We designed our own toy and had lots of noisy fun once the toys were made!

We used a band saw to cut a bunting plaque from balsa wood, sanded down the rough edges then painted our own design. The bunting is on display in our rooms.

We made hoopla games created in groups and finally our own fairground rides from the materials we had left.

We shared our creations with the other year groups and our parents.

Our teachers were very proud of us.

Check out the photos.

All the Fun of the Fair -  Year 2

We had a really busy week designing and making our food trucks for the Funfair.  We started by making our own bunting to decorate our classes.  In Year 2 we had to use recycled materials to decorate our card bunting.  This was good fun to make and the result was really colourful.    We then thought about what kind of food stalls there might be at a funfair so that we could make food trucks.  The trickiest bit was getting the wheels on and reinforcing the sides of the trucks so that they didn't wobble!  The best bit was making cake pops to go in our trucks!  

At then end of the week we got to visit all the other classes to see what they had made.  It was lovely to see all the different types of bunting and funfair games that children had made.

                                           Year Reception- Chinese New Year


  We have really enjoyed this topic where we have learnt all about the exciting festival of Chinese New Year! The children have done lots of creative activities including crafts, music, dance and singing. They have used ipads and books to find out information about the festival and also found out what their Zodiac animal sign is. We finished the topic with a Chinese New Year party. The children cleaned the classrooms before the party as is tradition, to clear away the bad luck for the new year. On party day, the children all wore red and gold clothes as they are the lucky colours. We played some traditional Chinese playground games and everyone had a turn at being part of a lion or dragon dance! The children really enjoyed trying some Chinese food including rice, noodles and prawn crackers. The parents enjoyed visiting on party day to watch the children perform a Chinese new year song.

Year 6 - All the Fun of the Fair

In Year 6, we used different stitches to sew our own bunting. We also designed and made fairground rides, which were powered by electrical circuits. 

All the Fun of the Fair - Year 5
What a busy week it was in Year 5 for 'All the Fun of the Fair'. At the start of the week, the children loved creating wooden bunting by sawing, sanding and decorating balsa wood. We then looked at how pneumatics are used in many fairground games and rides and designed prototypes for our own games using plastic syringes to control the moving part. Plenty of resilience and teamwork were needed for this as it was tricky to make the game operate smoothly. The Year 5 children rose to the challenge and impressed us with their problem solving as well as their DT skills!

                                            All the Fun of the Fair Year 3


In Year 3 we had lots of fun designing and making our own bumper cars and tracks.We had been learning lots about how magnets work in science and wanted to use this knowledge to create our own fun fair ride.  The children investigated with magnets and thought about how they could make their bumper car move around a track.  They also designed and made wooden bunting.  We  used hand drills to make holes at the top of our bunting and  sand paper to smooth the edges.  We had a fantastic time using our DT and science skills.  We loved our 'All the Fun of the Fair week !'

                                              YEAR R-DESIGN TECHNOLOGY WEEK


We had a lot of fun in Reception during DT week-" All the fun of the fair!"

We decided to link it to our learning about Chinese New Year. We worked in groups to make a carousel with Chinese Zodiac as the animals instead of horses. We used plates, tubes, straws and bowls and then decorated it with lots of different materials. We did a plan and then evaluated our carousels as a group. We also made bunting to decorate the classroom and made popcorn pots because we cooked popcorn to share with our parents on the Friday afternoon. We loved seeing the popcorn pop from a kernel!

Year 6 Design and Make club trip

On Thursday 30th January, the Year 6 Design and Make club went on a trip to watch Swan Lake at the Mayflower theatre in Southampton. The children in this club have been studying set designing and looking closely at the swan lake production. They also wrote letters to the manager of the set design and he gave us a personal tour and talk after the show! After watching the brilliant performance of Swan Lake from the Royal Birmingham Ballet company, we had the chance to go backstage, see where the costumes were placed and to actually stand on the stage and see how the sets were arranged and changed. An amazing experience that we will never forget!

Year 5 Planetariums

Year 5 were inspired to create our own class Planetariums for parents following our visit to the Winchester Science Centre. We have learned so much during our Earth and Space topic and carefully planned the best way to share this.  The children presented confidently about their chosen planets and the parents had a chance  to ask questions to our teams of experts.   They also shared their 'Sway' computer presentations and demonstrations of why we have night and day.  It was a great way to end this exciting topic and the parents said it was 'out of this world!'

St.Walburga's School Choir

The choir have had a very festive few weeks.  We had a wonderful afternoon at the Laguna Hotel in Bournemouth singing some carols to hotel residents who were on holiday from other parts of the UK.  Father Christmas arrived and gave all the choir members a selection box.  We have also recently sung at the School Christmas Fayre and at Kingsleigh House, a local home for elderly residents, where we are regular visitors. Our last concert was at Charminster Library, where a mysterious elf appeared at the end! 

Mrs Jones and Mrs Salazar would like to thank all the children who sing in our choir for their commitment - and of course for the wonderful sound they make! And a big thank you, too, to the lovely parents who have come along to help.

Amazing Africa

This term Reception have been learning about Africa based on the story 'Handa's Surprise.' The children have tasted fruit from the story, made lots of African art, listen to African music and performed a dance at the Bring and Share Supper. One of the highlights was a jungle safari with their Year 6 prayer buddies. We have all loved the topic and learnt lots during our first term at school.

Year 4 Romans Topic

As part of our Romans topic, we designed and made Roman shields and went into battle. We learnt about their formations and how this contributed to their successful conquest of Britain.

Year 6 AFC Bournemouth PE football lessons - Tuesday 3rd December 2019

During this half term, Year 6 have been learning a variety of football skills from dribbling to passing, attacking and defending. The photos below show one of the lessons which was related to attacking and defending (Lesson 4). 

Year 1 Vegetable Garden


Year 1 have really enjoyed creating a vegetable garden.

In September we took time to weed, clear and prepare the soil.

In October each child planted an onion bulb.

In November we planted chives, rhubarb and garlic bulbs.

We have already witnessed the fruits of our labour as there are some green shoots thriving. We have been very thankful for the wonderful Autumnal weather as it has provided our vegetables with lots of water!

We are now looking forward to planting more in the Spring and hopefully using our vegetables in our Spring term!

  Year Five visit Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

I'm not sure who was the most excited about the Year 5 trip to the Science Centre- the children or the teachers. It was certainly a fabulous opportunity to enhance our learning about our Earth and Space topic.

We loved testing the interactive exhibits in 'Explorer Space'  and in our workshop we used digital thermometers to test which materials would be the best to reflect the sun and protect the James Webb telescope.

The children loved the Planetarium show where we were able to sit back and zoom in to some of the planets and constellations in our galaxy.  It was an incredibly busy day but the children were so engaged and inspired by everything they did.

Year 2 - Great Fire of London Drama Day

23rd October 2019

We had a fabulous day learning even more about the Great Fire of London with the help of Samuel Pepys and his maid, Jane.  They took us through the events of the day, using drama and fun to reinforce what we have learnt over the last few weeks. It was great fun (even though Samuel Pepys was a bit bossy and quite grumpy at times!).  We made bread, too, as the fire started in a bakery (we didn't burn our bread!)

We hope you will enjoy looking through our slide show.  




Year 3 - The Stone Age Topic

Year 3 - Praying the Rosary on 'One Million Children Pray the Rosary' day.

Year 3 - Home Learning Creations!

Year 6 trip to Fairthorne Manor

(7th-11th October 2019)

We had an amazing time away on our Residential to YMCA Fairthorne Manor and it was great to see everyone taking part in all the activities. The weather was kind to us (although we had a bit of rain when we arrived!). The children thoroughly enjoyed showing their bravery on the high ropes courses, their collaborative working on the team challenge and their respectfulness towards all the instructors. Thank you for making amazing memories and enjoy looking at the photos below.

Year 2 trip to Poole Museum

6th June 2019

We had a wonderful day at Poole Museum.  Captain Gillian told us the story of how Harry Paye became Poole's most famous pirate. We saw lots of fantastic artefacts  in the museum, including cannon balls, a figurehead and a ship's compass.  We got the chance to climb the rigging, steer the ship and pull up the anchor.  We learnt so much about what it must have been like to be a pirate,it was great fun!




Year 5 enjoyed their trip to Poole Lighthouse to watch a concert led by the BSO. They played a variety of pieces based around the theme of 'space and exploration', including the ET soundtrack. We even learnt words, actions, and body percussion to a song so that we could join in when the BSO played. 


​​​​​​Year 3 had a fantastic visit to the Mary Rose this week. It was breathtaking to see the wreck of a real Tudor warship and the hundreds of artefacts that were found with it. We found out what life would have been like for the crew members and we even got to dress up as some of them.







Year 5 enjoyed working with Abbie to compose music linked to a video about the huge amount of plastic in our oceans. The children also immersed themselves in a range of art enrichment activities, including creating a sea creature out of recyclable materials. The week ended with the children performing their compositions to their Year 2 prayer buddies. 




Year 1 trip to Winchester Science Centre


Year 1 had a fantastic day at the Science Centre in Winchester.

The children explored lots of different space experiments, they particularly enjoyed trying on the Astronaut suit and trying to pick things up in the space gloves.

We visited the planetarium and learnt lots about the different planets, stars and the Sun. There were lots of 'wow!' and 'look at that!' coming from the children.

Finally we had our own experiment to conduct and the children loved creating slime by turning a liquid into a solid. The children were beautifully behaved and we couldn't be prouder.

Year 4 Ukulele Lessons

4DB have a fantastic start to learning the ukulele. They all tried really hard to hold it correctly and strum it with the correct part of their finger. We look forward to watching (and hearing) them progress. 

Year 3 Sports Festival
Year 3 had great fun competing in the Sports Festival run by BSG this week. They worked hard to earn points for their teams which were named after different countries. 


APRIL 2019

'Sowing the Seed' was our Lenten challenge this year based on the parable of the Talents.  Each class was given £30 and asked to think of ways to make their money grow so that they could support a charity.  We raised over £5,000 for local and national charities - a big thank you to all who supported our fundraising!

Reception emergency vehicles visits


As part of our transport topic, we were very lucky to welcome three emergency vehicles to the school! The children had the opportunity to look around a police car, ambulance and a fire engine! We really enjoyed these visits and particularly loved hearing the sirens and spraying the water hose!


Reception trip to Beaulieu Motor Museum - April 2019


The children had a lovely trip to Beaulieu to visit the Musuem and also had a ride in an old car, on the monorail and on an old bus. 

Year 4 researched, tested, made and evaluated towers for DT. We really enjoyed the challenge.

Maz Evans Visited St. Walburga's School on Tuesday 5th February.


7th November 2018

A very big thank you to everyone who brought a dish to share at our annual Bring and Share Supper - we had a wonderful evening, started off by the children in Reception in their colourful African T-shirts and their lovely dancing.  The food, as always, was absolutely delicious and it was nice to welcome new families to our school community.  We hope you enjoyed it!