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DREAM JOBS DAY 2023! What an incredible day. Firefighters, police officers and more!

Year 2 - Great Fire of London Topic

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We really enjoyed making model towns to explore what London in 1666 would have looked like. On our Great Fire of London Day, we were visited by Samuel Pepys and his maid, Jane. They put on a play for us as well as giving us the chance to join in with some drama. We loved it! We also made bread rolls in the afternoon, just like Thomas Farriner the baker would have done - although thankfully we did not cause a fire!

Spring Term in Year 1!


We have been learning about medieval life in a castle and made fabric flags for our own junk model castle in DT!  We also made pancakes to support our Literacy learning on Mr. Wolf's Pancakes. We have learnt about subtracting within 20, as well as enjoying our Cultural Day and World Book Day!  


Year 4 celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book character. It was a fun day and as part of the day, they had the opportunity to share a book with their prayer buddy.

Year 6 DT project and Electricity Unit

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Year 5 and Reception used their collaborative skills as they celebrated Chinese New Year together. Their activities included learning a Chinese dragon dance, creating mosaic lanterns, singing a Chinese New Year song, learning some simple Mandarin phrases and numbers and very importantly, tasting some delicious food! 

Year 2 Christmas Decorations

Year 2 enjoyed designing and sewing their Christmas decorations. They worked hard to sew neatly and did a brilliant job of decorating their material with different accessories. 

Year 5 Tote Bag Design Technology Project


Year 5 felt like a scene from the Great British Sewing Bee recently as we have been very busy designing and making these fabulous tote bags. We developed our skills using sewing machines and loved decorating them using our designs. 

'Healthy Me' week - 1st November 2022


This week, Reception have been thinking about how they can keep themselves healthy. They have tried a variety of fruit and thought about interesting adjectives they can use to describe them. They were very excited to have a visit from SCARF Life Education where they learnt about the different organs of the body and the important jobs they do. They also learnt about how vital it is to drink enough water, get enough sleep and do physical exercise. 

In the classroom, the children have been pretending to be doctors and dentists in the role play, completing observational drawing of fruit, listening to stories about fruit and vegetables, looking at information books and writing healthy shopping lists. 

Year 6 Learning in the Autumn Term

Year 5 Earth and Space Topic

In the Science lessons as part of our Earth and Space topic, Year 5 enjoyed creating

scale models showing how far the planets are from the sun outside on the playground. There was some tricky maths involved as each footstep taken represented 20,000 km.  They carried out shadow investigations to prove the changing position of the Earth in relation to the Sun. In Art, the children developed their shading techniques to create a 3D effect in pastel planet pictures.

Our first half term in Year 3! 3MB & 3BM have been busy - including Maths, Topic, Reading, RE, PE and Art...

Year 4 DT Making Our Roman Shields

In Design Technology, we have been researching the design elements of a Roman shield.  The children used the information to develop their own design criteria to ensure that their designs resembled a shield from The Ancient Romans.  This week, we have started making our designs focusing on measuring, cutting and painting on a Roman inspired design.  We can't wait to see the final results!  

Year 4 DT Roman Shields

Creation Home Learning 2022

This week, each class completed their Creation home learning task. Each year group was assigned a particular day of the creation story and were tasked with designing a creative piece of art to demonstrate their specific day of creation. A huge well done to all of the children for their incredible hard work, we had lots of amazing designs!

Creation Home Learning 2022

Our fantastic Feast Day celebrations

Year 5 Science Morning

Year 5  and our Science Ambassadors were excited to be invited to a Science morning at Bournemouth School last week. As you will see from the photos below, we had an amazing morning with plenty of hands on practical investigating linked to the content we cover in our Materials topic. With the help of some Year 12 students from Bournemouth School and Bournemouth School for Girls, we were set the challenge of separating a mixture of  salt crystals and sand and this involved:

  • adding water so that the salt crystals dissolved
  • filtering the salty solution so that the sand was removed
  • heating the salty water using bunsen burners so that the water evaporated leaving the salt crystals behind.

It was such a fantastic opportunity and the children were so excited to be taught how to use the bunsen burners safely, receiving certificates for their safe handling. You can hopefully see on the pictures, some of the salt crystals we managed to end up with!

Sports Days 2022

Here are a selection of photos, organised by Year Groups, from our fabulous Sports Days this year. 


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