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School Council

Thank you to the school councillors for helping to sort the Lenten Foodbank collection! 

CHRISTMAS 2023. Today our School Councillors decorated our school Christmas tree! We had a great meeting this week and discussed suggestions for 2024. Merry Christmas one and all!

First school council meeting 2023. What a success! Suggestions discussed & some great ideas for the upcoming year.


JULY 2023. A huge THANK YOU to this year's School Councillors! Thank you for your hard work. In September 2023, there will be a new team.

JUNE 2023. We were lucky enough to have our Caritas friend, Zach, join us in school today to help us with improving our school environment and taking care of God's creation. The School Councillors each planted a herb plant in our growing garden and planted the seeds of wildflowers that were sent to us as part of the King's Coronation. What a brilliant afternoon of Stewardship and Faith in Action.

APRIL 2023. Our fantastic team of school councillors for this half of the year. Discussing suggestions & helping to make positive changes across the school.

FEBRUARY 2023. Thank you to our wonderful school counsellors who completed their role in the first half of the school year. Now time to swap over to the second school counsellor for each year group.

DECEMBER 2022. The school council decorated our school's Christmas tree for the whole school to enjoy. Merry Christmas!

NOVEMBER 2022. School Council had an amazing visit from Zach at Caritas. We got our coats & gloves on to help plant some seeds in the wildlife garden. We have been working on how to improve our school environment for the planet & our school.


We have an active and enthusiastic school council made up of representatives from each class in the school, from Year 1 to Year 6. Each class votes for their own representative at the beginning of the school year. These are the representatives for this school year:

2022 - 23

Class   September - February                               February - July
1NWLolaMark Jacob
4WHLewisKlaudia K




The council will meet at least once in each half term. Our meetings always start with a prayer and we read and discuss the suggestions that people have put into our suggestion wallets.

Well done to the children who were voted for the,'Serving God and one another award'.

RP - Sebastian   RJ -Luna   1NW- Olivia   1JC- Harrison   2CR- Poppy   2JM - Leo   3PM - Esther  3MB-  Flora 

 4DC - Chloe H   4DB- Tom   5RD - Maria   5RN - Izabela 

 6LY - Brooke   6KB - Immy 



Congratulations to the children who were awarded the school council award, 'Learning to be the best we can be'. 


RP - Lola   RJ - Joshua   1NW- Clara   1JC-Harper  2CR - Luke   2JM - Carla   3PM - Ciara   3MB- Sam  4DB- Mia M   4DC- Bethany   5RD- Jaimee 

5RN Christopher   6LY- Grace   6KB - Ozzie


Well done to the children who won this terms School Council Award for ,'Welcoming All'.

Darcey - RP     Arya - RJ      Olivia - 1NW        Lara - 1JC 

Tiago - 2CR     Oty - 2JM     Klaudia C - 3PM   Elena - 3MB  Sienna - 4DB       Chloe H - 4DC          Elizabeth - 5RN 

Risko - 5RD         Brooke - 6LY           Megan B - 6KB


We had great fun and did an amazing job of decorating the Christmas tree!


Congratulations to all the children that won this terms school council award,

'Serving God and One Another'.

RK - Klara        RP - Codi          1JH - Oscar      1SM - Mia 

2AS - Mabel   2CR - Bertie     3PM - Rianna     3MB - Helena  4DB - Kiki       4TL- Risha       5RD - Imogen    5RM - Brooke 

6LY - Emanuella    6NW - Kasper


Well done to the children who won the spring term 'Learning to the best we can be' award.

RK - Ella       RP - Elisha   

1SM - Eva     1JH - Anna   

2CR - Lewis    2AS - Eliza 

3MB - Nell     3PM - Tom   

4TL - Katie    4DB - Kiki 

5RM - Grace   5RD - Chloe 

6NW - Anna   6LY - Maria


A huge thank you to the school councillors who have been in office for the first part of the school year, they have done a fantastic job! They have organised charity events, new footballs for play time, an option to buy a new school hoodie (which will be available later on this year ), as well as new IPad covers .What  a great job they have done! Now it is the turn of the new school councillors to take over the helm, they will be a hard act to follow.


Congratulations to the following children who won their classes 'Welcoming All'  School Council Award for this term:

RK - Harrison     RP - Alexa    1JH - Samuel   1SM - Evanna    2CR - Rosie       2AS - Mabel    3PM - Zach       3MB - Teo    4TL - Adorn    4DB - Joshua   5RD - Megan    5RM - Brooke    6LY - Harry K    6NW - Zara 


We had great fun today decorating the Christmas Tree !!


COURT VISIT - Zuzanna and Evie wrote:

'On the 26th February we ( the KS2 School Council) went on a trip to the Courts of Justice at Bournemouth Crown Courts.We met Judge Climie and asked him various questions about his experiences .Some of the most interesting things we found out were that it can be difficult to sentence someone as it can ruin their lives and we found out who sits where in the court.We also learnt  that the Judge has guidelines to help him decide on a sentence.We really enjoyed this fantastic experience.'


Congratulations to the following children who won this terms school council award for welcoming all ! 


RK- Blake       RP- Alesia       1JH- Rosie     1BH- Luke 

2AS- Ava         2CR - Ollie      3SM- Izabela  3MB - Katie

4TL- Sam       4DB- Imogen     5RL - Nickolas  5JM - Hanna 6DY- David     6RD- Sebastien     6NW- Leah




Today we had great fun decorating the school Christmas tree !



Today we worked together as a team to make the school Advent wreath.

Autumn 1- 2019

This half term we have helped to organise a cake sale for Macmillan cancer research on 27th September and a 'brighten up' for harvest mufti day to raise funds for CAFOD on 18th October.


Summer Term

Congratulations to all the children that won the 'learning to be the best we can be award' this term.

RK - Mieszko                                             RP- Hannah

1JH - Yagmur                                            1BH - Ava

2AS - Bobby                                             2SM - Kamila

3RS - Nicola                                             3LN - Daniel

4DB - Maria                                              4TL - Merlin

5CR - Lotte             5MB - Morgan           5NW - Rhianna

6JR - Molly             6RD - Edward            6DY- Aoife



Congratulations to all the children who won the 'serving God and one another award' this term:

RP   - Esther          RK  - Rosabella

1JH - Alex            1BH - Mia

2AS - Zofia           2SM - Katie

3LN - Immy           3RS - Emmanuel

4DB - Hanna          4TL  - Florence

5CR - Michal          5NW - Sophie-Mae         5MB - David

6JR - Luca             6DY - Jude                6RD - Samuel


The school council decided that they would like a  friendship bench for children to sit on when they are lonely or sad so that other children can see them and help them.Thanks to our mufti day and the donations we received, we have accomplished our goal and the benches are here and are now in the KS 1 and KS 2 playgrounds!!

Bournemouth County Courts Visit- 29.1.19

Oli, Lara and Alex wrote about our visit.

Today we went to the Crown and County Courts in Bournemouth and there we met Judge Forster.He showed us his wigs and the courtroom and where everybody sat.We had a fun quiz and we asked him lots of questions like, 'What is the longest sentence you have given?' It was 24 years!! We also found out why Judges wear wigs and that they are made from horse hair.We discovered that there are 12 jurors and that 10 have to agree before a decision can be made.We met a prison officer and saw where the prisoners wait before they go into see the Judge. It was really good fun and interesting and now we can't wait to tell or classes about our trip.

Congratulations to all the children who won the School Council   'welcoming all award'  this half term.

RK- Esme     RP- Megan

1JH- Estelle    1BH - Gracie 

2AS- Joshua     2SM- Violet   

3RS- Megan     3LN - Brooke

4TL - Merlin     4DB - David 

 5CR- Oliver L    5NW - Evie      5MB- Wynter 

6DY- Elizabeth    6RD- Maya     6JR- Molly


SEPTEMBER -Macmillan Cake Sale

We held a cake sale to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support .We raised an amazing £388.55!

OCTOBER - Cafod Mufti Day

We had a mufti day to help raise funds for Cafod . As the theme was ' brighten up' to build a brighter world we encouraged everyone to wear bright clothes and bring in a donation for the charity.

NOVEMBER -Children In Need Spotacular

We decided to raise money for children in need by inviting everyone to come in to school wearing spots and stripes.

NOVEMBER - The school council created some questions about bullying for each class to complete.We discussed the information we had gathered and passed the information on to Mrs Woodward who will use the ideas to create a new anti- bullying policy for the school.


Today we worked together as a team to make the school Advent wreath.



Today we decorated the school Christmas tree.We did a fabulous job!


Well done to all the winners of the School Council Award for Serving God and One Another:


Thank you so much to everyone who made up a box for our shoe box appeal. 

So far this year, we have organised a cake sale in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. We also organise a School Council Award each half term, which is linked to our Mission Statement. We have organised lots of fundraising events in the past and continue to do so.


We chose some new furniture for the KS2 library area and have enjoyed coming up with ideas about how that space can be best used so that as many children as possible get to enjoy it.


We helped to bag up all the donations from our harvest festival. Thank you for your kind generosity.