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Our Catholic Ethos

St. Walburga’s is a Catholic school. The teaching and practice of the Catholic faith lies at the heart of our curriculum. From it, spring those features which produce the school’s ethos, such as the quality of relationships, concern for equality of opportunity and concern and respect for every child as a unique gift from God. We aim to foster a spirit of true Christianity throughout the school in the children’s behaviour towards each other, their care of the environment and in the use of their time and talents.

In 2012 the school community reviewed its purpose and aims and launched a new Mission Statement which can be seen above.  The school's mission is very much centered on the commandment of Christ to 'love one another as I have loved you'.  This can be seen and experienced in the welcome all visitors receive to the school, whether it is their first time visiting the school or if it is a daily experience.  We encourage all in the school to learn to be the best they can be, whether this is in their academic work or being a good friend.  Service is at the heart of the school and we have taken to the heart our diocesan message to be true stewards of God's creation by using our time, talents and treasure to serve God and one another.  We believe coming together in prayer, particularly in times of joy and despair, is the glue that holds our school together.


As a Catholic school we regard the teaching of the Catholic faith of crucial importance. It is taught throughout the school during time set aside for this purpose but it is also taught and, equally importantly, practised regularly and frequently in other aspects of school life.


Our aims in the areas of Religion and spiritual development are:-

  • to foster individual spiritual growth and awareness of God
  • to encourage a sense of wonder and an understanding of the Christian way of life based on the teaching and the life of Jesus
  • to develop a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and Sacraments and, through them, our relationship with God
  • to encourage the development of responsible attitudes, i.e. self-discipline, self-criticism, discrimination, tolerance, loyalty, honesty and justice
  • to foster an increasing ability to control socially unacceptable emotions such as greed, anger, impatience and physical aggression
  • to develop a care and respect both for the immediate environment and the world which supports it


The Religious Syllabus used throughout the school is the RE programme, 'God Matters' which is recommended by the Portsmouth Diocese.


Our assemblies are a very important part of the school day. They are religious in character and regularly include readings from Scripture and well-known Catholic prayers. These are all part of the children’s faith heritage. The assemblies also try to bring home the Gospel values. A range of services, including school Masses, are regularly celebrated in school, again the Junior classes take it in turn to prepare these with the help of their teacher and priest. The infant classes are also involved in welcoming parents, preparing and setting up class liturgies. Parents are very welcome to attend Masses and Liturgies held in school. The school maintains very close links with its main feeder parish of the Annunciation and St. Edmund Campion.

Parents have the legal right for their child to withdraw from R.E. or acts of worship. Responsibility for their supervision will be the parents’ in consultation with the Headteacher.