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Our Catholic Ethos

St Walburga’s is a Catholic school. The teaching and practice of the Catholic faith lies at the heart of all we do in school – it is the basis of our school ethos and curriculum.

Our vision is clear – we want our children to achieve well academically, to become well rounded, caring individuals with a sense of social justice, who are constantly striving to be the best they can be. We see every member of our school family as a unique individual, created in the image and likeness of God. We want our children to know that they are loved and chosen by God to do His work in the world. Respect, friendship and support are at the heart of all we do, and can be witnessed in the interactions and relationships within the whole school community.

Our Mission Statement calls us to ‘walk in the footsteps of Jesus’ by following His example of love and service. This can be seen in the welcome all receive – whether it is their first visit to the school or their daily experience. We encourage our children to be the best they can be, whether this is in their academic work or being a good friend. Service is at the heart of the school, and we support the children in a range of efforts to impact and improve the lives of others. We believe that coming together in prayer, particularly in times of joy or difficulty, is the glue that holds our school together.

In 2019, the staff and children worked together to identify the values that should be the focus for every member of our school community. Each of these values is strengthened and supported by scripture.

Sharing scripture and prayer in assemblies and liturgies is a very important part of the school day. Our children join together as Key Stage groups, class groups, and with their Prayer Buddies from other classes to share these special times of prayer and reflection. Through our Mission Statement Heroes, the children are given role models from the wider world who demonstrate the values and qualities to which we aspire. We also use these assemblies to celebrate the achievements of the children throughout the week. The children take a lead in planning and sharing liturgies and prayer times.  

Father Bern and Deacon Barry from our local parishes of the Annunciation and St Edmund Campion are regular visitors to the school, and lead us in school and class Masses and in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Whenever possible, we invite parents to join us in school for these events. We recognise parents as the first teachers of their children in the faith, and we work with them to ensure that every child is given the chance to achieve their best, academically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

Our RE lessons are based on the ‘God Matters’ programme, recommended by Portsmouth Diocese. It is described in detail in the Curriculum section of this website.  Parents have a legal right for their child to withdraw from RE or acts of worship.