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Meet the Team

Working Together

A school will only achieve its full potential if all concerned work together. Our school is made up of many different groups - children, governors, teachers, support staff, parents and parishioners.  


Communication between all these groups is essential. The school produces a weekly newsletter which is received by all those involved with the school. Parents are welcome to see Mrs. Woodward, the Headteacher, at any time, both out of and during school hours, but it is always safer to make an appointment. The teaching staff are happy to have a ‘quick word’ with parents at the end of the day, but if it is anything more lengthy, then please contact the School Office to make an appointment. Please do not be hesitant about contacting the school.


 If you have any general enquiries please do ask at the School Office. Should there be any change in your family’s circumstances, e.g. change of address, change of telephone number, change of place of work etc. please ensure the School Office receives all relevant information as soon as possible.

Open evenings are held in the Autumn and Spring terms to enable teacher and parents to discuss the children’s progress. In the Summer term a written report is sent to parents.

The School Staff 2020/21


Headteacher:                                  Mrs. Veronica Woodward

Deputy Headteacher:                     Mrs. Laura Crutchley


Teaching Staff

Mrs Jones/ Mrs Belsham             Class RK             Mrs. H. Paine/Mrs Belsham      Class RP

Mrs Cunningham                          Class 1JC           Miss Wood                                 Class 1NW

Miss  Ryland                                 Class 2CR           Mrs McCaffrey                           Class 2JM

Miss Belcher                                 Class 3MB          Mrs Mason                                 Class 3PM

Miss Blunden                                Class 4DB          Miss Carlson                             Class 4DC

Mrs Ruffle/Mrs Nolan                   Class 5RN          Miss Dare                                   Class 5RD

Mr Browne                                    Class 6KB          Mr Yarrow/ Miss Lyons              Class 6LY



PPA Teachers

Mrs  Roberts

Mrs Tizzard                 

Mrs  Nolan                       

Mrs  Smith  

Mrs Murphy 



Teaching Assistants

Mrs. S. Arnaudy                      Mrs. D. Bartlett                    Mrs. L. Charles                 

Mrs. A. Conway                       Mrs. C. Cousins                  Ms. C. Crispim                   

Mrs. A. Emerton                      Mrs. S. Glackin                                  

Mrs. J. Grisdale                       Mrs. M. Hepplewhite                            

Mrs. D. Lask                             Mrs. K Ward                       Mrs C. Kitson-Rey                   

Mrs. D. Mortimer                      Mrs. R. Perkins                  Mrs. H. Robbins                      

Mrs. F. Short                            Mr. I. Sparks                       Mrs. M. Troman                       



Mrs. Symes     Pastoral Support Worker


Office Staff

Mrs. C. Prince                   School Business Manager

Miss R. Prince                   Data Manager   

Mrs. C. Duffy                     Personnel & Secretarial Officer

Ms. M. Shanley                 Secretarial Assistant         

Mrs. B. Williams               Secretarial Assistant



Mid-Day Supervisory Assistants

Mrs. D. Bartlett                     Mrs. L. Charles                   Mrs. A. Conway                    

Mrs. C. Cousins                    Mrs. A. Emerton                Mrs. J. Grisdale                    

Mrs. M. Hepplewhite            Mrs. D. Lask                       Miss Byrne       

Miss J. Hanna                       Mrs. D. Mortimer                Mrs. F. Short                    

Mrs. P. Symes                       Mrs. K.Ward                       Mrs. K. Alkiviades          
Mrs. E. Barnes                      Mrs. C. Spender                


Music Teachers

Mrs S. Thompson                 Recorder & Guitar Teacher




Mr M. Prince


Mr. T. Crofton

Parents play a considerable part in the smooth running of our school. A great number help in the classrooms with reading, art, sewing and craft activities. We are also fortunate to have a successful Parent Staff Association. If you are interested in finding out more about the Parent Staff Association then please contact the present Chairperson, or the Secretary, via the School Office.