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Attendance for Academic Year 2019/20 - End of Half Term 1

Our attendance target for this academic year is 97%.  

I am pleased to say that our whole school attendance is currently 97.62%, so we are well on target! Well done everyone.

Here is the attendance for each year group this half term:


Year Group Attendance


Year 1 97.91%
Year 2 97.71%
Year 3 97.44%
Year 4 98.38%
Year 5 97.48%
Year 6 96.87%


I am particularly impressed with Year 4 and Reception who have achieved 98%, that’s fantastic. Year 6 were just below the target of 97% but they were very close. I am sure by the end of term they can get to 97%. Overall all year groups have done very well. We also have 280 children who currently have 100% attendance - that means they have been in school every day, both morning and afternoon so far this year. 


One area which we can improve on is our punctuality. I have noticed that there have been 265 occasions where children have arrived late to school so far this term. Please remember the bell for the start of school goes at 8.40am and children should arrive in plenty of time. I hope that we will improve on our whole school punctuality over the next half term.


Thank you for your support regarding pupil attendance. It is really important that we work together to ensure that every child’s attendance is as high as possible. Please remember you can read our School Attendance Policy on the website under Key Information > Polices,  or you can request a hard copy from the School Office at any time.

Attendance for the End of the Academic Year 2018/19


Well done everyone, we achieved 97.19% attendance last academic year (2018/2019). This was even better than the previous year where our attendance was 97.06%.


As a whole school we reached our target which was 97%!          

Here is the attendance for each year group:


Year Group Attendance


Year 1 97.31%
Year 2 97.10%
Year 3 97.51%
Year 4 97.51%
Year 5 97.15%
Year 6 96.97%


Reception and Year 6 didn't quite reach the target of 97%, but they really weren't far away.


We also had 35 children who had 100% attendance - that means they were in school everyday, both morning and afternoon. Congratulations if you were one of those children!


Keep an eye on our website homepage; we will be publishing our attendance each half term. We will also be setting our attendance targets for the new academic year (2019/2020) very soon. 


You will find our Attendance Policy in Key Information > Policies.