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Welcome to 5TL

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Welcome to 5TL

Mrs Leigh and Mrs Short are really looking forward to a fantastic, fun-filled learning journey with the children.

We hope that you enjoy looking through our photographs and sharing the terrific activities as the year progresses.





We did it.

I am very proud of you 5TL .

Everyone who ran did their 43 laps of the playground

...and some did extra to add to our distance for those who

were unable to run-Thank you! 

Just a few photos to show your perseverance and

happiness at the end.




World Book Day 2018


World Book Day was different this year. 

We STILL dressed up as our favourite book character.

We STILL talked about our favourite books.

We STILL spent some time with our prayer buddies.

We also brought in a book to swap.


As always every thing was great fun


to add to the excitement this year we had SNOW!!!!


We hope you enjoy looking at the photos showing the fun we had.


Our Anglo-Saxon Trials


  We have had great fun looking at the legal system of Anglo-       Saxon Britain. We looked at scenarios such as, "Stealing sheep,"     and, " A woman chanting a spell," and decided which punishment

 would be appropriate. We liked the idea of chopping off a hand or

 a foot and even hanging! The photos show the dramas we   performed. 

Viking Green Soup


   We made Viking Green Soup. We started with our veg that we measured accurately and cut carefully. After that, we crumbled the bouillon cube (vegetable stock) into the boiling water. Then the teacher drained the white of two eggs and kept the yolks. We poured the yolks into a bowl and gradually poured half a jug of cream into it. We stirred it all together and grated nutmeg over the top! It tasted really delicious but some people thought it wasn't to their taste. Most people thought the vegetables tasted nice but the cream changed the flavour a bit.





  We have written and performed fantastic 'Vikings!' poems.       Here  we are holding our masterpieces.


Spring Term


Welcome back!

This term our topic is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

We are so excited to find out about these'Invaders and Settlers.'

We have begun by imagining we are archaeologists finding artefacts.

Here are some photos of our  'DIG.'

We very carefully exposed our artefacts piece by piece,questioning and speculating.

What is it?

What is it made of?

Who would use it?


Tuesday 5th December

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium



Wow! What a fantastic day we had  visiting the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.


 First, we looked around the various exhibits, all of which were interactive as you can see from the photos below. We were learning so many things it was amazing.


Secondly, we went into the planetarium where we learnt about 'Earth and Space'. It was incredible to look at the stars from earth, then to "go into orbit" to explore.The scientist who talked to us was very informative and after the presentation she answered many of our questions.


Next we had a workshop where we carried out some experiments-again look at the photos . We showed we were very resilient as we persevered with a "Robot challenge,"


We were starving as we had our late lunch. We were joined by a scientist who talked to us more-reminding us we need to work hard at our maths if we want to be scientists! 


We had a little time left so ended the day back at the exhibits-more photos below!


The whole of our class would like to thank Mr Watkins for organising such an amazing trip!  Lots of us now want to be scientists when we grow up !




  We had a very interesting talk about road safety,when we were 

  reminded how important it was to wear a helmet when we go out on    our bikes no matter where we are or how far we are cycling.


We used eggs...fresh not boiled to show what could happen to our head if we don't wear our helmets.


We all agreed




World Book Day 2nd March 2017
We had a great time dressed up as our characters from books we love.  Great outfits!

Fairy Tales - January 2017

We had two weeks looking at two stories, Cinderella and Jack and the Beanstalk. We did lots of writing including the children trying to combine the two stories. In Science we built magic beanstalks but linked this to what real plants need to grow well.  In dance we pretended to chase Jack and in DT we built castles for the giant. The children had to solve lots of time problems to try and help Cinderella get back on time but, as in real life, time is a difficult concept!

Science - Human Digestion


On 22 November, Year 4 were extremely lucky to have a Secondary Science Teacher come in to teach a fascinating lesson.  All of us, including the teachers, learnt a lot.  A huge thank you to Mrs Mariner.

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Class Information


  • Homework is sent out on Wednesday, to be back the following Monday.
  • Reading logs are to be returned to school each Monday, to show that children have been reading at least three times a week for a period of ten minutes or more each time. Please write the name of the book, page number and sign against these in the log.
  • Spellings activities are also sent home on Wednesday for a review the following Wednesday.
  • PE lessons are on Wednesdays (Outdoors) and Thursday(Indoors).


4W Had a very busy morning learning how to give change from £1.  Here are some pictures of us using plastic money to reinforce this vital skill.  Why not have a go with your child at home using real money?
We are a new class made up of children from the previous Year 3 classes.  You can find pictures of the former 3W and 3R on the other Year 4 classes pages.

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